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Free Tax Return Preparation for Those in Need


During the 2022 income tax filing season, February 1 - April 15, E3 Solutions provided countless volunteer hours to support the IRS's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs. 


An often-overlooked source of funding and support for those on the fringes of society is the $1.4 billion in yearly uncollected IRS refunds, often being uncollected by those who need it the most. As one volunteer shared, “It’s so rewarding seeing the peoples’ faces when they learn of their unexpected refunds!”


E3 Solutions is working to provide free tax preparation for the elderly and those with low-income for the 2023 tax season. There are many ways to help. 




$2,000 - Will support the tax-preparation software for the whole 2023 Tax Season

$1,000 - Will help generate $10,000 in refunds.

$500    - Will help generate $5,000 in refunds.

Any amount will help the community!



Sign-up now to help the tax preparation service by greeting people and help organizing their tax documents.



We’re looking forward to supporting the community during the 2023 tax season, and hope you will consider supporting us! 

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