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Pink Sky


E3 Solutions would like to thank all those who made our Art Show on September 17th a great success.

We’d like to especially thank those artists who participated, our musician, sponsors, and everyone who turned out to support our local artists.

We hope you will enjoy the photos from the event, and hope to see you at the 2022 Art Show! 

Showcasing local artists and supporting local children art programs. 

September 17th, 2021

3pm - 7pm


THE LOT Fashion Island

999 Newport Center Dr, Newport

Beach, CA 92660


Artist Kristina.jpg


Kristina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design from Kursk State University, specializing in the architectural and interior design of trade pavilions. She is passionate about using various types of materials and techniques for painting on fabric, and has participated in multiple national exhibitions in Russia. 

Kristina was drawn to an art career even as a child and her fascination with the ever-changing colors of the sky during the sunrise and sunset hours. She often challenged herself to depict on paper the perfectly gradient shades of blues and pinks of the early morning sky, using her limited set of color pencils.


Sherry Pollack

Sherry Pollack Walker has been creating paintings digitally, on a screen, as opposed to paper or canvas, Sherry is able to paint -moving pixels around- juxtaposing clean lines, colorful gradients, and reflecting on what she sees in Southern California. This has led to a series of three-dimensional paintings creating depth, shadows and an architectural element. These 3D artworks printed on 2 transparent panels blur the lines between painting and sculpture. 

Sherry currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Art Foundation of Orange County.

Her three-dimensional work is represented by Ethos Contemporary in Newport Beach.

Vaan photo.jpg

Vaan Manoukian

Vaan Manoukian was born on 27th of December 1968, in Yerevan, Armenia, USSR.

His credentials include 12 years of apprenticeship under the tutelage of master Aram (Aramik) Garibian. He has 8 years of professional education in two Art Academies where he majored in Fine Arts, specifically in painting, sculpting, and drawing. He underwent 3 years of internship at the Museum of Folk Art in Armenia under the guidance of Master Henrik, wherein he learnt specialty subjects such as stone-etching, pottery making, wood carving, blacksmithing/metal working, and jewelry crafting.

Participating Artist Jennifer Bloomfield.jpg

Jennifer Bloomfield

Born & raised in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area, Jennifer never left the coast or the quick access to the ocean. Water has served as the backbone of her life passions from competitive swimming, water polo, outrigger canoeing, & bodysurfing. Additionally she enjoyed a 27 year career as an Newport Beach Ocean Lifeguard and junior guard instructor. During the 15 years she taught math, coached swimming, and water polo she was too busy to paint. She recently retired from NMUSD & is very excited to get her feet wet again in this new chapter of her life,  sharing her passion for the ocean, on canvas. All pieces are inspired by her life experiences enjoying the water.

Teresaa MacGregor Bio.jpg

Teresa MacGregor

Teresa MacGregor began studying art as a teenager, learning about perspective, shapes, and light from a prominent local artist in her native Hong Kong. She began oil and plein air painting at her studio and local seashores and fishing villages during high school. An avid traveler, Teresa has always drawn inspiration from different cultures around the world. Her other passion, women's fashion, is reflected in the design of her hand-painted silk scarves: rather than aimlessly follow the latest trends, these one of a kind pieces are rooted in timeless, classic styles without sacrificing personality or uniqueness.


Natasha Shoro

Natasha Shoro is a contemporary visual artist based In Southern California. Born in Ithaca, New York to Pakistani parents and works and resides in Irvine, California. 

Natasha spent the first twelve years of her life travelling extensively as her father worked in the hotel management business. Living in the United States, Africa, Europe and Pakistan exposed Natasha to a wide range of languages and culture. This rich overlap of experience has had a profound influence on Natasha’s art making. Throughout her schooling both in the United States and abroad, Natasha has continued to be recognized and awarded for her accomplishments in fine art, experimenting with a variety of mediums. 


Tina Rodriguez

Tina is a Founder of School of Art and Program Director at South Coast Metro,

  "When I was six I travelled to Hawaii to visit my grandmother and saw her paint oils under the 
banyon tree with fellow artists.  I was captivated by the lifestyle and knew that I would be an 
artist one day.

  My goal is to help students achieve their artistic goals - no matter what the age.  Art is something that all can enjoy and I'm here to guide and help anyone with a desire to create. Find out what's possible by scheduling your Free lesson today.  You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of ability to gain."

Betty Scott1.heic

Betty J. Scott

Betty J. Scott’s interest in art and art history stems from living in Vienna, Austria, and being surrounded by beautiful art.  An accountant by trade, Betty began taking art classes at Mission: Renaissance Fine Art Classes in Irvine when she retired six years ago.  In addition to art classes, Betty enjoys going to local art museums and painting with her daughter and friends at home.  This is the first time Betty’s paintings have been displayed in an art exhibit, and as an Irvine resident since 1981, she is thrilled to be part of it! 


Peter Shpayer

Born in St. Petersburg into a very artistic family Peter Shpayer studied in "St. Petersburg Art School" and inherited knowledge of some of the best teachers and creative artists. He lives and works in Los Angeles, California, now. His latest art shows have been "Downtown L.A. Art Walk Show", "Eagle Rock Gallery" (L.A.), and Beverly Hills Art Walk.

Brian F.JPG

Brian Flammer

Brian Flammer, a local musician in Orange County will be playing at the Art Show from 3:00pm-5:00pm. Brian works in marketing for a home health and hospice company called Transition Care Telemetry, and when not working, enjoys surfing, playing golf and guitar. 

Event Sponsors

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A Special Thank You to... 

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